Day and night care, good idea ?: “If you have kids, why should they always go?” | Bonningen

Day and night care, good idea ?: "If you have kids, why should they always go?"  |  Bonningen

“The last time with a friend of mine was about changing my career. Now I am a hairdresser but I want to become a maternity nurse. I have now registered in the coaching workplace. Then the night shifts and the weekend are playing while I also take care of two kids. I told her,” Why not There is 24/7 childcare available in the area yet? ”

“A few weeks later I saw a billboard when I drove into Jumbo. Right across from this, such a childcare facility would open in May. Near my home and my son’s school. Although I have to admit, I always find it from It is interesting to leave my children with people I do not know. I booked a tour with the owners of the shelter and the family atmosphere immediately felt relaxed. There will also be a large outdoor area where the children can play. “

When can I go to out-of-school care?

“My son was not yet supposed to go to out-of-school care (out-of-school care), but I also enrolled him on the spot, as getting a place at an out-of-school care facility in Bonningen is cool is tough. Because yes, whether he’s playing with A friend for the afternoon or with new friends in out-of-school care My son actually asks every day: “When can I go to the out-of-school care center, mama?”

“My husband also works and has a regular schedule, but he often has to leave early. That’s also an advantage of this 24/7 service for us. On top of that, you don’t have to think about anything: everything is comprehensive.” Even rain jackets for kids to play in the mud. If I have to work the night shifts later, I will use the night shelter. Only if it’s really necessary. If my husband and I wanted to get away for the weekend, we wouldn’t take them to the shelter. Then they go to the grandfather and the grandmother. “

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