Daniel Ricciardo is finally back home after a year and a half

Daniel Ricciardo is finally back home after a year and a half

On February 11, McLaren was the fourth team to showcase the new car, which Lando Norris and Daniel Ricciardo will race in 2022. During the announcement of the MCL36, the Australian told about his return home.

Due to travel restrictions to Australia to curb the spread of the coronavirus, Ricciardo has not been given the opportunity to visit his family and friends. In the end, it took about a year and a half before he could make a comeback. After the final exams in Abu Dhabi, Ricciardo flew home, but before he could actually visit family and friends, he had to quarantine for another two weeks. The Australian served quarantine in a hotel by continuing training. He did so by maintaining close contact with his personal trainer, Michael Italiano, and placing a bike in his hotel room.

‘A lot of catching up’

After committing to quarantine, the Australian has been at home for four weeks and little has been done other than to catch up. “In 2021 I sometimes longed for those moments,” said Ricciardo. “I spent a lot of time catching up with everyone and that was really cool.” For this reason, among other things, he is looking forward to another Grand Prix in his home country. The Australian Grand Prix was last held in 2019, but despite this, Ricciardo is confident that he will be allowed to race again in Australia in April 2022.

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