Daniel Gothals leaves Neuchâtel in Switzerland and chooses …

Daniël Goethals verlaat het Zwitserse Neuchâtel en kiest voor het Franse Antibes


Daniel “Big Dan” left Goethals Union Neuchâtel, fourth in Switzerland, to become a shark trainer and coach for Antibes, No. 14/18 in the French Pro B Championship.

In the 1990s, Daniel Gothals championed the Sunair Ostend and Spirou Charleroi colors. As a coach, he was active for the first time in women’s basketball, including in Waregem which he celebrated with the national title in 2011, in Namur and with the national team. He next coached Kangoeroes Willebroek (2014-2017) and van Bergen (2017-2019) in men’s basketball. A year and a half ago, Goethals moved to Neuchâtel, Switzerland, and last season, Neuchâtel became vice-champion and reached the cup final. As a result, Gothals was named Switzerland’s Best Coach of the Year. He had signed a two-year contract with Neuchâtel, which he extended for another two years.

With the sharks in Antibes, Goethals signed a two-and-a-half-year agreement, so until June 2023. “In life you sometimes get opportunities that you cannot refuse,” Goethals responds to his move to traditional club Antibes.

Pascal Angelis started working for Canadian Ottawa Blackjack Club

Pascal Angeles, 48, became the International Scout Manager for the Ottawa Blackjack Team of the Canadian Elite Basketball League. Resident of Ostend, who has moved to Limburg, has been a head coach of several Belgian first-division teams for fifteen years. In the fall of 2019, Sam Rozsert succeeded him in Spiro Charleroi when Angelus stepped aside to focus entirely on his sick son Sir.

Now sir has recovered and Pascal Angelis can professionally regain his passion for basketball. Angeles has just been appointed director of international reconnaissance for Ottawa Blackjack.

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In this Canadian club position, Pascal Angelis will work closely with General Manager Givuhn Shepherd – a Spiro Charleroi player four seasons ago – and his assistant Andy Rawin to explore and recruit international talent. He will also provide Ottawa Blackjack with updates on team developments and players from the major European leagues where the Canadians are active.

Derover moves to Brussels

The Belgian basketball club announced today, Saturday, that there is news of transfers in the Belgian basketball competition, because the game’s distributor Terry Derover will leave Michelin in the first division basketball team to join his teammate in the series Phoenix Brussels next season. In addition to being a player, he will also be the coach of the youth academy. The 29-year-old from Brussels has this season in Mechelen well with an average of ten points per game.

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