Dana White: Forget mixed martial arts, Habib is one of the biggest stars in all of sports

Dana White: Forget mixed martial arts, Habib is one of the biggest stars in all of sports

UFC 254 will be big.

That’s the message Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) president Dana White heads out in every interview and press conference appearance he’s been making for the past week.

“On Monday, this thing was heading to be the biggest fighting we have ever seen,” he said on Tuesday. “Not Thursday, not Friday – Monday! She’s trending bigger than Khabib vs McGregor! “

And while White didn’t have the trending numbers updated for Tuesday (or Wednesday) when he climbed onto the podium to attend the UFC 254 press conference (watch it here), he had a bunch of numbers he claimed to be locked down in Khabib Nurmagomedov not just one of the biggest stars in the UFC, But in all sports.

“The truth is … apparently people at work don’t know that,” White said. “Habib is one of the biggest stars in all sports. Not only UFC. He is one of the biggest stars in the sport.

He continued, “I knew that someone would ask me this day.” Khabib’s videos achieved 222 million views. His own unique content: Over 100 million views this year alone on Facebook. Records are broken on Instagram, and I can clap the numbers all day. He is the first character by far the most played character in the video game with a long shot. The numbers are persistent and can last for days. But the child broke many records. ”

This, of course, plays a role in the massive interest in UFC 254, which has a dynamite group of best superstars (Khabib) versus true competitor # 1 (Justin Gaethje).

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“And what makes this battle so big is that people believe this child [Gaethje] White said. “So you have all the ingredients for a massive battle. You have a big star and you have a kid who wins an incredible win over a well-respected fighter that many people think has a winning style.

White would later say, “UFC 254 appearances at 23 billion”. “So how is this a big fight? The world is not the same place it was eight months ago. Everything is so different now and this is a huge battle that didn’t even need a world tour to attract 23 billion impressions.”

Who would have thought 10 years ago during UFC’s first golden age that sport – not to mention one event – could generate 23 billion impressions? This is a lot of clicks on a variety of Internet articles, we tell you!

MMAmania.com will be offering comprehensive live coverage and puff of the UFC 254 Fighting Card in full HereStarting early ESPN + Online “Prelims” matches, which are scheduled to begin at 10:30 AM ET, then the bottom card balance remaining on ESPN 2 /ESPN + At 12 PM ET, before the main PPV card start time at 2 PM ET ESPN +.

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