Damian defeated the Reverend. Sheamus wins the US Championship – Dagblad Suriname

Damian defeated the Reverend.  Sheamus wins the US Championship - Dagblad Suriname

Damien Priest and Sheamus put in all of their chips, but Pastor left with the award after winning the United States Championship in a physical showdown at SummerSlam 2021.

Priest set the tone for a hard hitting match, punching Sheamus in the face while serving a springboard, but he did so at the expense of his lower back. The veteran American champion felt the injury and addressed her wisely. Sheamus felt so confident in the beating that after one inability he stopped for what seemed like an eternity to flex his shoulders and flick.

The 6-foot-5 challenger made a stunning return with a tornado, but it wasn’t long-lived when Sheamus brought down the priest once more with a shot on the back. When Priest tried to get up, Sheamus began scolding his rival and WWE Universe, claiming that Priest was not worthy of the United States Championship title. That chaos must have stirred something up in the Reverend, as the towering competitor responded.

A stunning heel kick from the top rope nearly ended the fight, but Sheamus kicked improbably before the priest crushed the Alabama Slam Punishment. The Priest followed with a sit-choke and Seamus with a fine kick, but neither of them could pressure their opponent for a count.

When Sheamus finally latched onto the priest in a heel hook, the priest responded by ripping off The Celtic Warrior’s protective mask. He then threw a heel-spin kick and exposed Reckoning to Sheamus to grab his first WWE Championship.

With wins at WrestleMania and SummerSlam, Pastor only cemented his claim to be the superstar of 2021.

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