‘Daily Show’s’ Trevor Noah Unloads on Trump for Trusting ‘Dr. Demon Sperm’ Stella Immanuel

“Obviously regular Individuals should really be taking this pandemic much more severely,” Trevor Noah explained on Tuesday night’s Day-to-day Present. “But in their protection, it is hard to do that when this is the man who’s placing the tone from the best.” 

With that, Noah became the very first late-night host to delve into the insanity that is President Donald Trump’s disturbing embrace of a conspiracy-spreading health care provider who, apart from pushing hydroxychloroquine as a magic COVID treatment, also believes particular afflictions are induced by demon sperm, as first described by The Day by day Beast’s Will Sommer. 

Immediately after actively playing a handful of Dr. Stella Immanuel’s biggest hits, a shocked Noah explained, “Yes, inspite of owning the world’s best health professionals at his disposal, Trump has made the decision as an alternative to trust a doctor who believes that individuals get ill for the reason that they masturbate and that vaccines are made from alien DNA.” 

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