Dagblad010 | Hyena in sheep’s clothing


When Leefbaar Rotterdam got a lot to say in our city over twenty years ago, we tried to narrow the gap in our city between different demographic groups.

It was not easy, because the greatest resistance to that plan came from the self-proclaimed progressive parties that continued to discredit and discredit us.

Discussing Islam

In the context of “building bridges” and because Pim Fortuyn once suggested discussing the acute aspects of their faith with Muslims, we decided to organize “Debates on Islam”. The concern was discussed for the first time (and also the last time) with Muslims about faith and the gap that arose. Marco Pastors spoke to us, and like Muslims Tariq Ramadan, a young Islamic professor living in Switzerland. It was known to be mild and most likely recommended by Spauer. Curious, because he is no longer welcome in both the United States and Egypt and was suspected of having links to terrorists in France after a court ruling in 2003.

The first discussion took place as expected. Lack of Islamic commitment and ignoring criticism. Among the audience was a blind faith who called gay men pigs. He was instructed by an old disciple of mine, who was still considered the worst Muslim to be better than the best Christian.

There have been a wonderful number of my former students who have warmly welcomed me. After the discussion, I walked over to them and started a moving conversation. Suddenly Ramadan stood next to our group (Muslims by veiled girls) and said in English: “Patience and patience our time will come. Strict adherence to Islamic teachings.” Then he saw me and was astonished; Also because I put my finger under my eye as a sign of “I got you via a friend”. It turns out that the moderate Muslim fundamentalist in his circle.

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Of course I shared my experience with other politicians, but the bottom line is that they believed in Ramadan more than I did.

bridge construction

And when we, in turn, entered the opposition, Ramadan was appointed as a bridge builder! A fanatical and fanatical Muslim had to build a bridge for all Rotterdam residents. In Rotterdam he received a whopping €200,000 a year for a one-day appointment at Erasmus University and also €400,000 a year from the Left College for organizing meetings.

When I indicated to the council that the bridge he was going to build turned out to be a very expensive bridge, I was faced with a hostile silence. His suspicious academic backgrounds have not been verified. My allegations and my considerations (I’ve researched his background) were dismissed as a smear campaign.

Jaykrant and Henk Kroll

However, something stopped and Gaikrant published his views on homosexuality (disease and disorder) only when the light was cast in the coalition party VVD. In the end, Henk Kroll came to conclusive evidence of Ramadan’s statements and his relations with the regime in Iran. He also turned out to be a supporter of the Islamic State and had no fundamental objections to stoning. Today, the curtain has fallen on him in France as well, where he has been accused of multiple rapes.

Why did he get this old cow out of the hole? (I had no excuse by the way). It came to my mind when philosopher Stein Jensen asked me for a podcast by HUMAN about Ramadan. I noticed that I was the first to call it a ‘wolf in sheep’s clothing’.

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Now that the wolf is back in Holland and has taken an important place in our ecosystem, I have adapted this saying.

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