D66 top will write an article on the meaning of “new leadership” | Policy

D66 top will write an article on the meaning of "new leadership" |  Policy

The D66’s National Assembly will set a resolution on what “new leadership” means, a promise made by party leader Sigrid Kaag in her campaign. Members requested this at D66.

Earlier this week, the party leadership rejected such a decision. D66 member Gerda Oskam complained at the suggestion that there was no discussion with all members within D66 about the “new leadership” interpretation. The party’s board acknowledged “the need to further clarify the concept of the new leadership,” but found the decision – a broad party document – too onerous.

It emerged today that a majority of the D66 members supported Oscam’s proposal. “The National Assembly will be tasked with working on a decision on the new leadership,” Aletta Hecker, the retired political secretary for D66, said at the digital party conference. Well, that’s a very nice challenge for my successor at first. ”


Critical members questioned what exactly the “new leadership” of party leader Sigrid Kag would entail. A number of motions containing specific proposals – eg to abolish parliamentary discipline – were rejected. The Oscam member’s proposal passed: it states that the party leadership should in any case address issues such as “honesty”, “propaganda”, “verifiability of decisions” and “content over image”.


It strengthens your back when bad storms arise

The leader of the D66 KAG for leadership

Party leader Kag said in a speech to the conference that the leadership “dare to choose against the trend.” “He listens to your deepest conviction of what is right and acts upon it. It is your back when bad storms come. But above all, leadership must be tangible: it is what we leave behind for people when we leave.”


In her speech, Kaag also expressed her concerns about “rigidity and roughness” in the Netherlands. She spoke of the “artificial, fabricated, and aggressive contradictions that come with it.” According to her, this aggression is partly caused by politics, which, according to her, is too preoccupied with irritation.

The Digital Party Congress also marked the 90th birthday of D66 Honorary Member Jean Terloo. Not much was said about the formation path. Kag stated that she and co-negotiator Rob Getten will receive “final touches to put the agreement.

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