Cyprus finds Eurovision candidate in Australia –

Cyprus finds Eurovision candidate in Australia -

With Andrew Lambrou we have a new entry for the Eurovision Song Contest next year. A young man who lives in Sydney is allowed to represent Cyprus. This year he was one of the candidates in Australia’s national primaries. His song will be announced at a later time.

CyBC, the Cypriot broadcaster, will partner with Greek Cypriot Andrew Lambro in 2023. A deal has been signed with record labels Panik Records in Greece and City Pop Records in Australia. Not completely illogical if you know that Andrew Down Lives in Sydney. He even participated this year Australia decides 2022And the National qualifying round for the Eurovision Song Contest. Lambrou took seventh place out of eleven participants. This is his performance since then:

Covers and talent show

We hear his song only later. For now we have to settle for the covers that Andrew sang. This is how he became known in the music world. In 2015 he showed his ability to the tenth factor australiaIn which the young man presented a few episodes.

descending line

In 2018, Eleni Foureira handed Cyprus an excellent award second place, the best score ever for the island. In the ensuing years, the final bids slipped again. This year it was a very ambitious final place.

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