Cycling on TV June 27, 2021 | New punch-in-the-round scene, Bidcock in Switzerland!

Cycling on TV June 27, 2021 |  New punch-in-the-round scene, Bidcock in Switzerland!

After the resounding victory of Julien Alaphilippe in the first stage of the Tour de France, which was marred by major accidents, it is the turn of the Banchor once again in Brittany! However, this is not the only race, because in Switzerland Diego Ulisse and Tom Bidcock will compete with each other. In the leader’s shirt Tells you where to track prices!

TV and time, second stage, Tour de France 2021

After a raucous first stage won by Alaphilippe by force majeure, it is once again up to the puncheurs of the Tour peloton. With the arrival of the Mûr de Bretagne, the end is even more difficult than in the first stage! The finale can be watched live throughout the day on three channels: NOS, Sporza and Eurosport. In the we They start broadcasting right at the beginning of the stage: starting at 1.20 pm, the fun of watching begins. in belgian sporza It can be played across the website as well as on Channel One at 2.20pm. Bee Eurosport 1 The scene can be watched live from 3.15pm, while payment is due Eurosport Player Connects to the Internet from 13.15. In the leader’s shirt Provides live blogging all day long!

2021 Lugano City Grand Prix

However, this is not the only race, because there are also a number of names that are initially known in Switzerland. Referee winner Ulysses will compete against Ben Hermans, Gianni Moscone and especially Bidcock! The Briton is riding his second race since suffering a broken collarbone in preparation for a mountain bike race at the Olympics. You can follow the course directly via Facebook page Grand Prix of Lugano. On In the leader’s shirt The race report for a day can be found next!

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