Crypto scammers steal $50 million: Just a bad joke?

$50 Million Just Gone: Just a Bad Joke or Scam by Crypto Scammers?

Imagine if anyone could trade cryptocurrency and earn money. Doesn’t look bad, does it? This was Savedroid’s idea and the founders raised a whopping $50 million for it. But the implementation has remained utopian: founders ran away with money, site and social media accounts were shut down, and those who invested became upset. Bad joke? it’s improbably. Unfortunately, a big scam across the board.

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Scams like Savedroid’s are not uncommon in the world of coins and blockchains. Apparently, digital currencies are particularly suited to theft. Crypto expert Erica Stanford has written a great book about the machinations of crypto scammers and how they managed to hide with money. In the movie “Crypto Wars”, you discover knowing how scammers are looking for big money. Exclusive interviews and comments from several key people who have been actively investigating the biggest cryptocurrency frauds provide a fascinating insight into the depths of the crypto world.

OneCoin, TrumpCoin and PlusToken: The “Crypto Wars”

Strange Hoaxes, Ingenious Exit Strategies, And Outrageous Ponzi Schemes: Erica Stanford unveils tricks and unraveling intricacies – from crypto queen Ruja Ignatova to TrumpCoin to Bitclub network. But with her book, Stanford is also introducing its readers to the revolutionary technology and cryptocurrency opportunities that can change our world for the better.

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Crypto Wars will be released in Thursday 02 June 2022at Plassen Verlag – A must for anyone wanting to look behind the curtain of Bitcoin, Ethereum and Co.

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