Crying and grinding of the teeth of the old white minority in the United States – Crabull

Crying and grinding of the teeth of the old white minority in the United States - Crabull

Republicans and especially Republican voters have not recovered from the fact that their orange messiah, who would restore the state of White Salvation to its full glory, lost the election. The main reason for this is the massive turnout of non-white Americans in the election, which is completely indigestible.

With the latest attempt to prevent the failure of Congress from violently confirming the election results, Republicans are returning to their ancient and more effective means of controlling the election: suppressing their unwanted votes.

As usual, arguments are being used about the rudeness that Republicans appear to have patented, and it is clear that the measures being proposed in about 30 states are aimed at making voting more difficult. Voting by mail or special mailboxes for ballot papers should be restricted, and Georgia specifically wanted to cancel early voting on Sunday.

The latter has drawn particular interest, as it is a well-known practice of African American voters to vote for better-dressed Easter after Sunday service. After many years, it seems that the right to vote is still seen by them as a tremendous achievement and not a natural matter, which should be practiced in a respectful manner. Therefore, this measure is specifically directed against them.

Mail voting is especially important in the United States for low-income people. After all, because of this other repressive measure – the lack of polling station placement in poor parts of the state and / or cities – it could take half a day or even an entire day to cast your vote at a polling station because of long lines. An unprecedented phenomenon in decent democracies.

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The poor in the United States can be very poor, have two or three jobs, and still barely make ends meet. So these people can’t afford to stay away from work for a day, because they are likely so bad jobs that they don’t even get paid vacation days. These are the very deliberate and cunning means by which conservative white Americans have kept non-white Americans from administrative power for many decades.

But what, according to Republicans, is the reason for expanding these types of bases? Well, (they think) the prevailing notion that widespread vote fraud in the United States is a big problem (again, according to them), and these measures should restore the confidence of the American voter in the election.

Proponents say the measures are necessary because large numbers of voters believe Trump’s false assertions that President Biden won the 2020 election through widespread fraud.

“The goal of our process here should be an effort to restore our public’s confidence in our election system,” said Barry Fleming, state legislator from Evans, Georgia, and chair of the newly formed House Election Integrity Special Committee. . ” (Washington Post)

So, the self-propagating Republican nonsense theory of vote rigging, in Trumpführer’s humble tradition, cast doubt on the election. At least with the most stupid part of the population. And in order to assuage those doubts about this part – let’s face it, the older white voter, conservative, white – we need to ensure they win the election from now on. Democracy is beautiful, but it shouldn’t be the case that all sorts of non-white Americans are suddenly going to win, right?

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She is the President of the Republic in Gwinnett Board of Registrations and Elections In Georgia believed to report this:

(Screen capture from this video on CNN)

So Republicans believe they have the right not only to participate in elections, but also to win. Although they belong to an ever-decreasing white minority.

(Photo: CNN screenshot)

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