Crowds on European roads due to exodus

Crowds on European roads due to exodus

Anyone going on vacation to get an infection in Europe by car has to take into account the very tough traffic and long traffic jams. Touring and VAB organizations warn of this on Saturday morning. “Peak traffic is expected at noon,” Turing said.

At around seven in the morning it’s already very crowded in France, but the traffic is still very smooth, with less traffic here and there. At the moment, motorists will experience the largest delay on the A7 motorway between Lyon and Orange: the travel time is about half an hour longer. It is also 35 minutes to the Mont Blanc tunnel.

In Germany there are delays in the south towards Austria and Switzerland. On the busiest holiday route from Würzburg via Nuremberg to Salzburg, according to VAB, the delay has already exceeded 3 hours 20 minutes. On the border from Austria to Slovenia, the waiting time for the Karawanken Tunnel is already 50 minutes.

According to Touring, there are currently 14 kilometers of traffic jams in front of the Gothard Tunnel in Switzerland towards Italy, resulting in a delay of 2 hours 20 minutes. Also on the border with Italy there are about 7 kilometers of traffic jams.

In Italy, it is currently very busy on the A1 road from Milan through Florence to Rome. There is a traffic jam near Bologna.

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