Crowds in Europe due to holiday traffic: wait 1.5 hours for Gotthard Tunnel

Crowds in Europe due to holiday traffic: wait 1.5 hours for Gotthard Tunnel

For example, it is busy on the A7 motorway between Lyon and Avignon in France. The Australian News Agency (ANWB) reported a delay of about an hour and a half.

Vacationers in Switzerland driving on the A2 motorway in the direction of the Gotthard Tunnel should expect a delay of one and a half hours. Moreover, it is busy on the A11 in Austria towards Slovenia. The delay on the way to Karawankentunnel is about 45 minutes.

Schiphol problems

Many people are also on the road in Italy. There are traffic jams at various places on the A22 motorway from Bolzano to Verona and the additional travel time is about 45 minutes. On the A14 motorway between Bologna and Rimini, the delay was an hour and a half.

Expect to be busier during holiday weeks than in other years, because more people take the car. For example, they want to avoid crowds in Schiphol.

The ANWB previously advised against leaving too early:

Lots of crowds are expected throughout the weekend. In Germany, the city is busy around Hamburg, Munich and Salzburg. There are also many road works.

Northern Free Zone

This also causes a lot of delay in Liege, in Belgium. Work is underway on the E25 motorway, which means the road is closed in both directions.

The holiday also began in the Nordic region of the Netherlands. Schools in the central region have been closed for a week. For children in southern Holland, summer vacation begins next week.

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