Crowdfunding to fly bowling to the World Games

Crowdfunding to fly bowling to the World Games

Julianadorp – Bowlers Dennis Blankenzie and Samantha Greiner are allowed to go to the World Games in the United States. Good news, but it also brings a challenge, because the National Assembly does not have the financial means to pay for the trip. The ladies hope to raise the necessary amount through crowdfunding.

After two years of closing, a message suddenly appeared that the women had qualified for the 2022 World Games, the gateway to the Olympic Games! For a long time, it was not clear how the placement would be decided, and in the end the results of 2018 proved to be groundbreaking. Anyway: “We are very proud that we can measure ourselves on such a big stage with the top of the world,” he told the bowlers. The World Games are held in Birmingham, USA. The bowling event takes place from June 8-11. A total of 16 countries are participating.

The union, NBF, does not have the means to pay for the flight. “We, the players Dennis Blankenzie and Samantha Greiner and coach Mariska van den Bos, have to do it entirely ourselves, including moving the bowling balls.” Tickets including ball transfer cost over €1,000 per person. “Since we also have to play the Women’s European Championships in Denmark in August (and our sport at the highest level costs a lot of money anyway), we are asking for your support to cover the costs of our airline tickets.”

“If you help us, we will keep you informed of our sporting adventure during (preparation) for the World Games. For contributions over €500 we are happy to discuss how we can give something back in the form of an appearance and/or the organization of a clinic.”

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