Cross-country skiing to Sweden and Switzerland / News

Cross-country skiing to Sweden and Switzerland / News

Idre Fjäll, Sweden, competes for world titles on the cross-country skiing. This happened at very low temperatures and with choppy winds sweeping the long path, with well-known long rollers and ridges towards the end.

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With Fanny Smith and Talina Gantenben, Switzerland had irons in the fire, Alise Baronne represented France and Sandra Neslund, who had returned from injury, had to do so for her homeland.

It was Naslund’s best start. Smith and Barron followed, Gantenbin immediately withdrew. In this ranking, they ascended to a straight line and despite Barron’s attempt unchanged: Näslund capped her return with the world title in her own country, ahead of Smith and Barron.

Francois Blaise was there for France and he welcomed the champion Eric Moberg, Alex Viva from Switzerland and surprising Brit Oliver Davis. The lead went to FIFA at the start, while Davis looked like he pulled out after a good start.

Mobärg dived behind Fiva to the next corners and opened the attack on the straight, but Place also came to observation. The French outmaneuvered Mobärg, but no longer took the Fiva and so went gold to the Swiss veteran, ahead of Place, Mobärg and Davies.

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