Crisis at L1: Broadcasting Crew Halted | 1 Limburg

Crisis at L1: Broadcasting Crew Halted |  1 Limburg

L1 employees quit their job on Wednesday. The work lasted from 12:30 PM to 1:30 PM. The staff no longer trusted director Peter Elbers. About seventy of more than one hundred employees participated in the campaign.

Due to his authoritarian style of management and his lack of communication, many employees are ill at home, including two of MT’s three members. The staff wanted a final solution to breach the trust with the director before the Carnival.

The L1 Business Council will have a meeting with the Supervisory Board on Wednesday evening, which is made up of Hans Coppus (Central Limburg Development Company OML), Mirjam Debundt (CDA Member of Parliament) and Raoul Wilms (Director of the APG). During this meeting, the business council on behalf of the employees demands a quick solution to the crisis. Employees want to provide additional support to the works council as the business stops. The business meeting also discusses potential follow-up actions if supervisory managers do not make a quick decision.

This week there was a lot of hype around Elbers’ privacy proposal. The director proposes new privacy regulations that stipulate, among other things, that hidden cameras can be installed in the newsroom. It also wants an arrangement by which the manager can view confidential emails from journalists, business council members, and the company’s doctor.

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The editor-in-chief of L1 strongly opposes these proposals. The editor-in-chief said, “We were astonished by the documents that threaten press freedom and the protection of journalistic sources.” NVJ is also dissatisfied with Elbers’ proposed censorship regulations.

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GroenLinks in the Limburg Parliament posed questions to the regional executive. “Does the GS Board agree with GroenLinks that an action like placing hidden cameras to check their employees is not only morally reprehensible, but surely goes beyond the limits for a news outlet that should uphold journalistic values?”

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The employees try as much as possible to reduce the inconvenience of downtime to the public. The intention is not to directly harm viewers, listeners, and readers. Editor in Chief: “We hope our audience will understand that we are fighting for the future of our Limburg broadcaster and that we can quickly put our energy back into making beautiful shows with so much love for Limburg.”

When asked, Peter Elbers does not want to respond to the work stoppage at L1.

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