‘Criminals from Russia are behind a cyber attack on a major meat processor’

'Criminals from Russia are behind a cyber attack on a major meat processor'

A group of criminals from Russia may be behind the cyber attack on the Brazilian company JBS, the world’s largest meat processor. White House spokeswoman Karen-Jean-Pierre said GPS had notified the US government.

JBS said in a conversation that a gang that may be operating out of Russia had demanded a ransom, Jean-Pierre said. The United States has since contacted the Russian government on the matter. According to the White House spokesperson, the message has been conveyed that “appropriate countries do not harbor ransomware criminals.” The FBI is assigned to the case.

the work is stopped

The hacking attack, which began on Sunday and targeted US computer servers, according to JBS, brought work to a halt at JBS branches in several countries. Factories in North America and Australia were particularly affected.

JBS says in its latest press release that it expects to be able to reopen most factories today. The company said “significant progress” had been made in resolving the problems.

JBS also has subsidiaries in Europe, but it is not clear if hackers have shut them down as well. A spokesman said a branch in the Netherlands, the Spring Roll Muy Park factory, was not affected in any way.

Colonial pipeline hack

The GPS hack attack comes shortly after a major cyberattack on US oil transportation company Colonial Pipeline. The breach three weeks ago temporarily shut down a major oil pipeline in the United States, causing gas shortages at gas stations and soaring fuel prices.

According to Bloomberg News, Colonial Pipeline paid around 4 million euros to hackers to regain access to the systems.

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