Craig Wright Wins Lawsuit: Website Should Remove Bitcoin White Paper – BTC Direct

Craig Wright Wins Lawsuit: Website Should Remove Bitcoin White Paper - BTC Direct

Craig Wright has just won a legal dispute in the UK over the Bitcoin white paper. The Australian claims to be Satoshi Nakamoto, but few people (read: practically no one) believe him.

What prevents Craig Wright from publishing the white paper?

According to Ontier LLP, the law firm representing Craig Wright, today it received a default judgment in its copyright infringement proceedings against Cøbra. Wright claims to be the creator of Bitcoin, secretly playing Satoshi over the weekend and being the author of the Bitcoin White Paper.

Craig Wright has called for the Bitcoin white paper to be removed from and The latter website complied, but Cøbra, who runs with a pseudonym, refused. Reason enough for Craig Wright to start a legal dispute against him.

Anonymity is more important

During the hearing, Cobra had to reveal his identity to assert his rights. The pseudonym Bitcoin valued anonymity more than a final victory in the dispute, and so he chose to waive his right to defend himself or make arguments in court. This made it easier for Craig Wright to win this dispute.

Simon Cohen of the legal team that dr. In this lawsuit, Wright advised:

“This is an important development for Dr. Wright to obtain judicial justification for his copyright in his working paper. Although he won by default today because there was no defense, it is remarkable that the English court ordered Cobra to make the white paper available in the UK “.

Is Craig Wright known as Satoshi?

Does this mean that the UK courts recognize Craig Wright as the author of the Bitcoin Whitepaper? No, and that doesn’t mean that the British courts know him as Satoshi Nakamoto either. So what do you mean?

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Craig Wright has had to drop several important lawsuits against prominent members of the crypto community who have chosen to actively defend their arguments. However, Cobra’s anonymity was key for Wright to win at least one legal battle. Virtually no other websites have removed the white paper offline, forcing Wright to go after website administrators who do not want to risk anonymity. In this regard, it is a good move to sue the webmaster under a pseudonym.

Pay a fine to Satoshi

But that’s it, there is no deeper meaning. will have to remove public access to the Bitcoin white paper from the UK and publish information about Wright’s victory just because the webmaster decided not to respond.

Since Craig Wright claims to be Satoshi Nakamoto, he must also have access to Satoshi’s wallets. Wright has proven time and time again that he does not have access to these coins. Therefore, Kobra said he would be happy to pay a fine of £35,000 to the address publicly recognized as Satoshi Nakamoto.

Craig Wright will likely turn down Cobra’s offer.

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