Cover Harry Styles can receive approval from Wet Leg –

Cover Harry Styles can receive approval from Wet Leg -

Wet League is pleased to have the cover Harry Styles made for their song Wet Dream. So said the British band’s Ryan Tisdale and Hester Chambers in an interview with Apple Music 1.

Styles covered Wet Dream in May during a recording of a session for BBC Radio 1. It has just been announced that Wet Leg will be in support of Styles’ tour of New Zealand and Australia in April next year.

The duo listened to Styles’ version on their way to the performance. The two of them were quite surprised when they saw a video of the session. Chambers explains that it was as if the two were watching TV from another world. “Harry Styles has us covered. He was really cool. His band is so good!”

chaise longue

The cap tastes more for wet legs. “It would be great if he did more of our songs,” said Tisdale. She also said that she waited a long time to announce that Witt Leg was on tour with Harry Styles. She couldn’t believe it was actually happening.

Wet Dreams is on Wet League’s debut album. The album was released in April of this year. In 2021, the band caused a special stir in Great Britain with the song Chaise Longue. Wet Leg can be seen in the Lowlands later this month. In November, the band will hold a concert in Paradiso.

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