Couple vaccinated for Covid-19 died one minute apart in the US

Couple vaccinated for Covid-19 died one minute apart in the US

An American couple from Michigan, who were fully vaccinated against Covid, died of the virus one minute later on Sunday, September 26.

On Sunday, September 26, Cal and Linda Vanham passed away at the ages of 59 and 66 respectively, we learned from British media such as the Daily Mail. the couple Those with secret underlying health problemsSarah Dunham, the couple’s grieving daughter, fell ill earlier this month while on a camping trip with the family.

They died hand in hand

He said, “My dad called me before we went camping with the family and told me he wasn’t feeling well. He thought it looked like sinusitis, and my mom took it.” Sarah Dunham added: “On the third day they woke me up and said, ‘We need to go to the hospital because we’re really not feeling better.'”

The couple were hospitalized within days and put on a ventilator. They died hand in hand. The husband died at 11:07 am and his wife died at 11:08 am.

Family friend Kendra DeYoung has launched a fundraising campaign on GoFundMe Supporting the relatives of the deceased. As for the text accompanying the call for donation, she expresses her confidence that Linda Dunham was her “second mother”, the last of which helped her during her school years, during her first grief and even at her wedding.

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