Couple handcuffed for 4 months to save the relationship: ‘Don’t do what we did’ | abroad

Couple handcuffed for 4 months to save the relationship: 'Don't do what we did' |  abroad

world recordThe latest attempt to save a troubled relationship from permanent separation turns out to be a deception for a young Ukrainian couple. Alexander Kudlay, 33, and his girlfriend, Victoria Postovitova, 29, decided as an experiment to give their engagement another chance by going through life with magic ever since. You might say true love, but after four months the two really had to give up their fight. “We are just different.”

In a last desperate attempt to salvage their on-and-off relationship, the young couple decide to cling to each other on Valentine’s Day. Literally. The two have been captured since Valentine’s Day, handcuffs and all, to test the strength of their stormy relationship. This means that they had to give up a lot at the same time. Their privacy, for example, but also a certain sense of shame.


During the experiment, which they broadcast to an ever-growing audience on social media, the lovebirds did just about everything together: from grocery shopping, preparing meals, arranging the house, taking smoke breaks, and yes, even going to each other’s workplaces, namely a salon. Beautification and car garage. Even during the many health breaks, the two didn’t lose sight of each other.

At first, the experience went well, but over the months the lack of privacy led to more and more mutual stress and frustration. “We stayed together all day,” Victoria, a beautician by profession, said in an interview with the news agency. Reuters. Despite being burdened with her boyfriend all day, she felt like she wasn’t getting enough attention from him. “He never said: I miss you, and I want to hear it.”

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wave length

As the days passed, Ukrainians increasingly realized that they weren’t made for each other. “We have different views on many things. On the one hand, we don’t bother and we let each other value us. But on the other hand, we’re not like-minded, we’re not on the same wavelength, we’re completely different,” said Alexander, a car salesman by trade. .

Ultimately, it turns out that forced living with each other isn’t the way to break the vicious cycle of on/off/on. Not for them, but not for other couples who are having a hard time, they say. “I think it’s a good lesson for us, for other Ukrainian couples and for couples abroad, not to repeat what we’ve done.”

Under the watchful eye of various news channels, their hands were untied at a monument in Kiev. Victoria in particular could not suppress her enthusiasm. “Hurrah,” she cheered in front of the reporters. “I want to live my independent life and grow as an independent person. I am finally free,” she said afterwards. woman.

world record

According to a national record book representative who was present at the last break, there was not a single pair in the world who achieved a similar feat. So it would be a world record, according to the newspaper Watchman Based on the Ukrainian media. The newspaper reported that the couple planned to sell the handcuffs in an online auction. A portion of the proceeds go to charity.

In their latest Instagram post, which has more than 7,800 followers, the couple thanked their fans for the massive support. “We were happy together, and now we’re happy to have this experience in our lives.”

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