COTA to be modified for F1 after heavy criticism of MotoGP

COTA to be modified for F1 after heavy criticism of MotoGP

The last Formula 1 race was on the Circuit of the Americas two years ago. Drivers were already unhappy with the condition of the circuit. Max Verstappen described the bumps on the track as a “staging platform,” meaning the cars went up into the air on four wheels. Two weeks ago, he raced MotoGP on the track in Austin. Bumps in the asphalt have been a topic of discussion all weekend. There was even talk of motorcyclists boycotting motorcyclists. The race in the end went without major accidents, but it was a race that required a physical effort for the drivers.

Formula 1 race director Michael Massey was asked about the condition of the track in Austin. He says adjustments have already been made to the circuit after the last Formula 1 race. Massey said in an interview with, among others Racing News 365. For example, a part towards the first turn, bends 3 to 6 and a large part of the last sector had already appeared at that time.

However, MotoGP riders had problems on the top tier of the track. According to the race director, the issues are different from Formula 1 that occurred in 2019. Massi has also been in contact with the MotoGP organisation. “I was on the phone with my mates all weekend when they were in Austin because I wanted to get a better understanding of the situation. The areas that the MotoGP racers encountered were different areas than the areas that resurfaced,” explains the Australian out.

The race director goes on to say that the FIA ​​Circuit Inspector was at the Circuit of the Americas and issued a report on the state of the circuit. Based on that, the track in Austin will now be modified slightly. “The circuit is making some changes for us to address some of the concerns. For example, they will try to clear some of the bumps. But we still have some time. So they will do what they can within the limited time,” Massey said. After the Turkish Grand Prix.

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