Coronavirus LIVE Map: Huge crowds gather as China shows off a vaccine – big breakthrough | United Kingdom | News

Coronavirus LIVE Map: Huge crowds gather as China shows off a vaccine - big breakthrough |  United Kingdom |  News

Vaccines produced by Chinese companies Sinovac Biotech and Sinopharm. It was exhibited at a trade fair in Beijing this week. Crowds gathered around the stalls to review potential punches.

The companies hope that vaccines will be approved after phase 3 trials, which could take place as early as the end of the year.

A Sinovac spokesperson said that the company “has already completed building a vaccine plant” to produce 300 million doses per year.

This comes at a time when more than 27.19 cases of coronavirus infection have been confirmed worldwide.

The death toll in the world reached 888,326, according to a Reuters tally.

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China offered the Coronavirus vaccines for the first time (Image: Getty / PA)

0.40am update: worldwide death toll surpassed 890,000

Researchers at Johns Hopkins University revealed that the current number of deaths due to the Corona virus is 890,260.

However, the true number of deaths is likely to be higher, due to various factors such as time lag and variance Test rates.

10PM update: Caerphilly is on lockdown as the number of cases rises

The Cairville County area in South Wales will be placed under local lockdown after a “spike” in coronavirus cases.

The Welsh government said people will not be permitted to enter or leave the area without a reasonable excuse when the restrictions come into effect from 6pm on Tuesday.

All people over the age of 11 will be required to wear face coverings in stores – this is the first time this will be mandatory in Wales.

Meetings with other people inside and extended families will not be permitted, while overnight stays will also be prohibited.

There were 133 new cases of Covid-19 in Caerphilly County over the past seven days, equivalent to an average of 55.4 cases per 100,000 population.

Update 8.40pm: A senior medical official warns of rising numbers in the UK

The Deputy Chief Medical Officer in England said the high number of coronavirus cases was a major concern and that people were “relaxing a lot” over the summer.

Jonathan Van Tam warned people that they will need to follow directions, and said, “We have to start taking this seriously again.”

“If we are not careful, we will be on a bumpy road,” he said. “People have relaxed a lot.”

A senior medical official warns of rising numbers

A senior medical official warns of rising numbers (Image: Getty)

7 p.m. update: Coronavirus panic for the Royal Navy: HMS Queen Elizabeth delays sailing after COVID outbreak

The outbreak of the Corona virus on the Royal Navy aircraft carrier Queen Elizabeth has caused the vessel advancing from sailing from Portsmouth Naval Base to be postponed after a number of crew members were confirmed to have the deadly disease.

The ship is still anchored in the port while medics are conducting further tests to isolate the injured crew members.

The ship was originally scheduled to leave the port on Monday evening. Royal Navy She confirmed that the ship would leave the port on Tuesday evening.

Update 6.40pm: A fourth person died in Northern Ireland Hospital

A fourth person died at Craigavon ​​District Hospital, Northern Ireland, after testing for the Coronavirus.

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14 patients in the same ward have been confirmed to have the virus in a group identified last week.

Health Minister Robin Swan said: “The investigation will be in the form of a serious harmful incident of Level 3, and I have requested the Trust to initiate it immediately.”

“Support will be available to families, patients and staff throughout this, and the investigation will provide families with the answers they are entitled to.

“However, I cannot simply set a timeline until the underlying causes are identified, which the investigation will provide.”

6.30pm update: France sees cases, death toll climb

The French Ministry of Health said today, Monday, that the number of new confirmed cases of Covid-19 in France increased by 4,203 cases compared to the previous day, bringing a total of 328,980 cases.

The number of deaths increased by 25 during the past 24 hours, to 30,726.

France is seeing rising cases and death numbers

France is seeing rising cases and death numbers (Image: Getty)

6 p.m. update: Spain passes 500,000 coronavirus cases

Spain became the first country in Western Europe to record 500,000 cases of coronavirus on Monday, after a second increase in cases coincided with the reopening of schools.

The Ministry of Health data showed that the total number of injuries reached 525,549 cases, up from 4988989 on Friday, and 2,440 injuries were recorded during the past 24 hours. Spain is updating its data retrospectively, so the most recent figures can be reviewed.

4.40pm update: The UK records 2,948 daily confirmed cases of COVID-19

The UK recorded 2,948 confirmed cases of COVID-19 per day, according to government data published on Monday, down slightly from 2,988 the previous day.

The numbers of daily cases were rising by about 1,000 cases per day for most of August, but have started to increase in recent days.

4.15pm update: Holidays: Seven Greek Islands are now on the list of quarantine in Greece – Complete list of islands

The holidays have faced ever-changing travel rules in recent weeks, and today’s transport minister revealed that Greece’s holidays will now face disruption. Seven Greek islands are now on the quarantine list.

Grant Shaps announced in the House of Commons today that seven Greek islands are now on the list of quarantine in a new blow to the Greek holiday.

Restriction runs from Wednesday, September 9, at 4 AM.

From this time on, anyone returning from the Greek island group to England will have to self-isolate for 14 days.

Grant Shapps announced the Greek Quarantine Islands

Grant Shapps announced the Greek Quarantine Islands (Image: Getty)

Update 3.40pm: Greece has reported at least nine cases in a migrant camp

An official at the Immigration Ministry said that Greece has recorded at least nine cases of coronavirus infection in the crowded Moria camp on the island of Lesbos so far.

Last week, the facility was placed under quarantine after authorities confirmed that a 40-year-old asylum seeker had tested positive for the Coronavirus.

“So far, there are nine cases in the camp in Moria. The number may rise,” the ministry official told Reuters.

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3.15pm update: Stephen Brown takes over from Katie Harris

Update 2.40 pm: Four more coronavirus deaths in hospitals in England

NHS England said four other people who tested positive for coronavirus have died in a hospital in England, bringing the total to 29,611.

2.15pm update: Wells confirms 133 more cases

The Public Health Authority of Wales said that the number of coronavirus cases in Wales increased by 133 to 18,514.

The death toll remains at 1,597.

12.55pm update: Scotland is at a ‘defining moment’ in the fight against Coronavirus

Nicola Sturgeon said Scotland is at a “defining moment” in the battle against the Coronavirus, amid a spike in cases.

In her daily conversation about the Coronavirus, the First Minister said: “We have a very clear trend at the moment.

“In some ways it shouldn’t surprise us, in recent weeks we have unlocked most of our economy.

“But since we released ourselves from lockdown, we also released the virus from lockdown.”

Update 12.20 pm: Scotland has reported 146 new cases of coronavirus

Scotland recorded 146 new cases of coronavirus, bringing the total since the start of the outbreak to 21,543.

The death toll remains at 2,496.

11.35 am update: 300 students self-isolate after a charity soccer match

Up to 300 people who attended a charity soccer match were asked to self-isolate for two weeks after 28 people attending the event tested positive for coronavirus.

The match takes place at the Burnside Working Men’s Club, in Vince House, County Durham on August 30th.

The site is close to the border with Wearside, so Durham County Council has been working with counterparts in Sunderland City Council, as well as Public Health England, to manage the response.

Nicola Sturgeon

Scotland recorded 146 new cases of coronavirus (Photo: PA)

Update 10.50 a.m.: Thirty pupils are self-isolating after a student tests positive for coronavirus

Thirty seventh year pupils at Ysgol Bro Edern in Cardiff have been asked to self-isolate for 14 days after the student tested positive for the coronavirus.

Ewan Pritchard, principal of the school, said: “After confirming that a schoolboy tested positive for Covid-19, we acted as quickly as possible, together with Public Health Wales, to contact all students within the student class bubble.

“ As a precaution, additional cleaning has also been completed, in addition to our daily disinfection regimen.

“Due to the procedures we have put in place, restricting communication between different classes and recording seating plans for all lessons, we have been able to limit the number of pupils who need to self-isolate and there is no need for parents or pupils who do not. Self-isolation or unnecessary anxiety is called upon.

10.15 am update: Philippines records lowest daily increase of cases in 8 weeks

The Philippines reported 1,383 new coronavirus infections – the lowest daily jump in nearly eight weeks.

The total number of other cases comes to 238,727.

The death toll in the country increased from 15 to 3,890.

Corona virus Philippines

The Philippines reported 1,383 new coronavirus infections – the lowest daily jump in nearly eight weeks (Image: Getty)

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9.55 AM update: Indonesia cases rise by 2,880

Indonesia has confirmed 2,880 new cases of coronavirus and 105 more deaths.

The country has reported a total of 196,989 infections since the start of the pandemic and the death toll stands at 8,130.

9:20 am update: Hancock admits the daily spike in cases is “worrying”

Health Secretary Matt Hancock told LBC: “The rise in the number of cases we’ve seen in the past few days is worrying.

“It’s worrying because we have seen an increase in cases in France, Spain and some other countries across Europe – nobody wants to see a second wave here.

“It only reinforces the point that people should follow the rules of social distancing, they are very important.”

When asked if people do not follow the rules, he added, “We definitely see cases where they don’t follow the rules, and then we take action.”

Corona virus Russia

Russia recorded 5,185 new cases of coronavirus (Image: Getty)

8.45 AM update: Russia reported 5,185 new cases

Russia recorded 5,185 new cases of coronavirus, bringing the total number since the start of the outbreak to 10,30,690, the fourth largest in the world.

The death toll increased from 51 to 17,871.

8.20 update am: Coronavirus cases in India have overtaken Brazil

India overtook Brazil to become the country with the second largest number of coronavirus cases after the United States with the largest number.

The country recorded 90,082 new injuries, bringing the total number of injuries to 4.2 million.

The death toll in India stands at 71,642.

Coronavirus UK

Coronavirus map in the UK as of 6 September (Photo: EXPRESS)

7.50 am update: workers are demanding answers from Hancock after the number of cases increases

Labor has called on Health Secretary Matt Hancock to explain how to reduce coronavirus cases after nearly 3,000 new infections were reported on Sunday.

Shadow Health Minister Jonathan Ashworth called Mr. Hancock to appear in Parliament on Monday after the sudden rise in prices.

He said on Sunday: “The increase in cases of Coronavirus today is extremely worrying and is a stark reminder that there is no room for complacency in dealing with the spread of the virus.

“ This increase, combined with ongoing test failures where patients are required to drive miles for tests, and the poor performance of the contact tracing system, needs an explanation from the ministers.

“Matt Hancock should come to the House of Commons to determine what to do to get the test back on track and reduce the number of cases.”

7.25 a.m. update: Five teachers test positive for coronavirus at school

Five faculty at a school in Suffolk have tested positive for the coronavirus, with the academy closing down on Monday on the advice of Public Health England.

Two members of the staff at Samuel Ward Academy in Haverhill are waiting for test results.

The school said in a statement that the closure is a “precaution” and hopes to reopen it on Tuesday.

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