Coronavirus: A new list reveals who will get the vaccine first

Coronavirus: A new list reveals who will get the vaccine first

Seniors and domestic workers were placed first on the proposed list of those who should receive their first stabs.

People over the age of 80, along with the NHS and care workers, are in the second band followed by those 75 years and over at the third level.

But the list could be turned upside down because the logistics of storing the first vaccine that will go into operation has already emerged.

Because Pfizer / BioNtech jab – the only one so far evaluated by observers – must be stored at -70 ° C, it may be given to NHS workers while plans to take it to care homes are crushed.

The news comes when it emerged that physicians at more than 1,000 general practitioner sites being set up to administer the program had been told that the first doses could only be available in 10 days if the Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Agency approved their use.

The rest of the PHE priority list indicates that Band 4 will include all persons over the age of 70, plus all adults classified as being clinically at risk; It will be the fifth for those over 65 years old; And sixth for all adults in high-risk groups.

The seventh will be all persons 60 years of age or older; The eighth for those 55 years and over; The ninth would be anyone over 50.

After that, it will be available to a larger population.

The UK has ordered over 350 million doses of vaccines, including 40 million from Pfizer / BioNtech. It is hoped that five million will be delivered by Christmas.

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