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Victorian Prime Minister, Daniel Andrews He clashed with a journalist who suggested that he voluntarily surrender his phone records to the state’s hotel quarantine investigation.

Yesterday Andrews said he would hand over his phone records to the investigation committee if requested to do so.

There are questions about a six-minute gap in the former Police Commissioner Graham Ashton Evidence of investigation and some say the period could be crucial to finding out who decided to use private guards in the program.

Until now, the investigation was told that it was a “creeping assumption.”

“Why don’t you and your office disclose these phone records of your own free will?” Andrews was asked a few minutes ago.

Andrews replied, “I am not running the investigation and with great respect neither does your network.”

Then he was asked what he or the government “should hide”.

“All these cases are under consideration, they have been looked at, they are being looked at. The investigation has not finished its work. We are really wrapping in circles here. It is an independent investigation. I will not interfere in this investigation,” Andrews said.

Andrews faced combat questions on the same topic from Chief of Staff Tony Abbott, Credlin Map, on Friday.

Creedlin is now a commentator on Sky News.

The Guardian revealed Friday evening that Victoria Police had not formally requested Ashton’s records from Telstra, contrary to previous allegations made by the force.



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