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More than 1,000 Residents of New York City It tested positive for Covid-19 on Friday – the first time since June 5 that the state has seen a spike in daily cases, the Associated Press reported.

The number of positive tests reported daily in the state has gradually increased in recent weeks, a trend that may be linked to an increase in the number of companies and campuses reopening universities, and children returning to school.

Governor of New York, Andrew Como On Saturday, it was announced that 1,005 positive cases had been registered the previous day out of 9,953 tests, with a positive rate of 1%.

Andrew Como

Today’s update for the numbers:

Of the 9,953 tests reported yesterday, 1,005 were positive (1.00% of the total).

Total hospitalizations are 527.

Unfortunately, there were 4 deaths from the Coronavirus yesterday.

26th September 2020

From late July through early September, the state was seeing an average of 660 people test positive every day. In the seven-day period ending Friday, the state recorded an average of 817 positive tests per day.

Cuomo did not comment on the 1,000 case threshold in his daily Covid-19 update, but repeated his wake-up call.

“It is imperative that New Yorkers continue to practice the basic behaviors that drive our ability to fight Covid-19 as we move into the fall and flu season,” Cuomo said in a prepared statement.

Masking, social distancing and hand washing make a fundamental difference, as does the deliberate implementation of state directives by local governments.

That number of daily positive tests in a state of over 19 million still puts New York in a much better position than many other states. It’s worlds better than the state’s situation in April, when the number of positive tests per day routinely exceeded 9,000, although testing was difficult at the time and people were encouraged not to seek it unless they were seriously ill.

The greater number of positive tests recently may be related to the increase in the number of people seeking or required to take the tests as the school year begins.

However, the rise was a cause for concern. in a New York CityIn certain neighborhoods, health officials have issued alerts about a spike in cases Brooklyn And the Queens Several private religious schools opened for in-person classes in early September, warning that these communities could see the reinstatement of strict restrictions on public gatherings if current trends continue.

Public school students in New York City’s elementary, middle, and high schools are set to resume in-person education next week on September 29 and October 1.

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