Controversial Vizier Op Links Twitter Account Suspended

Controversial Vizier Op Links Twitter Account Suspended

The controversial Twitter account Vizier Op Links has been suspended for violating Twitter rules. No further information was provided by Twitter.

The account was recently lost due to unknown harassment by left-wing opinion makers. They’ve got a sticker on their front door with the text “This site is being noticed by followers of Vizier Op Links”. Historian Nadia Porras, politician Hope Belmekers and writer Afki Romijn from GroenLinks, among others, have said they will report it.

The Association of Universities (VSNU) and the Royal Dutch Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW) described the intimidation of lecturer Boras affiliated with Leiden University as “objectionable and reprehensible”.


Vizier op links were created in June 2020. The website and social media accounts regularly share the personal data of scholars, activists, opinion makers and politicians seen as links. Earlier this week, a photo of comedian Martin Koning’s home was posted. Public sharing of such information is also known as “doxing”.

It is not clear who is behind the website and the accounts on social media. The far-right action platform used to collect donations via the online BackMe platform. In the past two months, this included more than 2,800 euros from dozens of donors. The platform was also removed from BackMe at the end of March.

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