Concerns about excluding non-EU countries from quantitative research

Zorgen over het uitsluiten van landen buiten EU van kwantumonderzoek

Several European Union countries have expressed concerns about the proposal to exclude all countries outside the European Union from cooperating in research on quantum computers. Israel, Switzerland and Great Britain can no longer access the research.

Last Monday, the 27 countries of the European Union were to come together to discuss the future of Horizon Europe. This is a fund of 95.5 billion euros that is dedicated to research. Monday’s meeting will discuss the extent to which countries outside the European Union can contribute to the project in the area of ​​sensitive technologies.

Prevent leakage of sensitive information

To prevent sensitive information from leaking into countries like China, European Commissioner Thierry Breton suggested excluding all countries outside the European Union from researching quantum technology. However, this may also exclude countries such as Israel, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom. Politico writes that these countries have contributed a lot to European investigations in the past.

Autonomy should not lead to protectionism

This causes great concern among the European Union countries. Denmark and Austria, in particular, are concerned and warn that the pursuit of strategic autonomy should not lead to protectionism. Another 17 countries also expressed concerns. There are concerns that excluded countries will face the same fate in the space studies and artificial intelligence sponsored by Horizon Europe as well.

“In many cases, it is largely in our interest that trusted partners participate in the Horizon projects, because these partners are at the forefront of important areas of research. Their participation is essential for high-impact, ground-breaking Horizon projects that will help solve major challenges,” the Danish government wrote. “Introducing broad exceptions would be detrimental to the positive assessment and long-term value of Horizon Europe.

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However, Austria is more cautious about the costs that may result from excluding partners from the program. Not only are these costs reflected in science diplomacy, but they will also discourage other countries from cooperating with Europe and focusing instead on other regions of the world.

The meeting has been postponed

Due to all these turmoil, it was decided to postpone the scheduled meeting to a date to be determined. Meanwhile, the proposals could be improved.

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