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There are many complaints made by Internet users inside Egypt from time to time, represented in the end of the home Internet package before its due date, as it ends for some people within a week or two, which raises their confusion about the reason behind this.

Two ways to consume the package before its due date

There are two ways through which the home Internet user loses his package before its time, the first is hackers penetrating the Wi-Fi network, and consuming the Internet, whether by browsing or downloading, while the second method includes consuming the package for a reason that belongs to the user, but without his knowledge of the reasons, so we monitor you in the report The following are all the reasons that cause the Internet package to end prematurely, according to each of: Engineer Tamer Mohamed, an expert in technology and information, and Mustafa Waheed, a programmer in one of the companies, during their conversation with Al-Watan.

8 mistakes that users make that cause the end of the home internet package

  1. Some people use higher quality while watching videos without realizing that a video over 720p uses about 6 times as much video as a 360.
  2. “auto download” is a common thing that many mobile phone users fall into, as soon as the Wi-Fi network is turned on, as some applications download files automatically.
  3. «auto refresh», is no less dangerous matter that causes the exhaustion of the home Internet package very quickly, which is represented in the fact that some programs perform an automatic update of the applications.
  4. Playing electronic games depends on the use of the Internet, because it consumes a large amount of the package.
  5. Allow a large number of people to access your Wi-Fi network while they visit you, without changing the password after they leave, so that some neighbors can access the network if they are near you.
  6. Leave unused apps on your phone, without deleting them, which will consume your internet.
  7. Leave the Wi-Fi on all day and do not disconnect it from the phone when you leave the phone.
  8. Hacking your phone’s Wi-Fi network by a hacker; As a result of not securing your personal password sufficiently.
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