Collins questions the usability of the Australian Verstappen engine

Collins questions the usability of the Australian Verstappen engine

Sam Collins doubts whether Max Verstappen’s Australian motorcycle will actually last for a few more races. The part caught fire at Albert Park Street Circuit, which is why the technical expert for Formula 1 I’m not sure if Honda can keep its promise. The former Japanese supplier of the Red Bull Racing engine has stated that the engine is still usable.

“Red Bull said Verstappen’s Honda engine was fine and they could keep using it. However, the back of the car was on fire, so you might be wondering if there was really a rose scent there,” said the doubt expressed by Collins during Warm up on the weekend† He thinks “there will be question marks about that.”

Grid penalty for Verstappen?

If Red Bull loses the engine too early in the season, it means the Dutchman faces a net penalty. “Ultimately, it seems inevitable that Honda-powered cars will start taking grid penalties later in the season when all permitted engines are used,” Collins said.

“I think every team on the grid will exceed that amount, but Red Bull will take more. This could cost them their head during the exciting title fight with Ferrari,” he warns. If Red Bull doesn’t solve the reliability problems, it could hurt them later this year.

Red Bull fuel system problems

What exactly went wrong in the Austrian racing stable? “As far as I know, there was a fuel leak,” the technician said. “It seems like it was a little bit of a problem that you sometimes had when building a race car. So it wasn’t directly related to the engine, but of course we’ve already seen problems with the fuel system at Red Bull this year. Is the fuel system the problem, and if so why is it so hard for me? Red Bull? “

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