college tour | Compass gears

college tour |  Compass gears

The first guest on the “College Tour” was an instant hit. Former sprinter Usain Bolt is the fastest man on earth and still holds the world records in the 100 (9.58) and 200 metres. “The Lightning Bolt” as he is called, won eight Olympic gold medals and became the world champion 11 times. In addition to the super-fast times of the almost unbeatable Jamaican, he became world famous especially for his amazing off-competition behavior. Playing with the camera, he addressed the audience directly and after each victory he made his famous gesture: shoot an arrow towards the sky.


It’s been five years since Bolt last participated in the race, but the gesture is still so well known that he recently applied for a patent in the United States. He intends to sell it as a logo for clothing brands, sports equipment, etc. In the first “college tour” of the new season, students and Tuan Howes ask for this iconic track jersey. He will also undoubtedly speak of a lesser known aspect, his foundation to offer a future to underprivileged youth.

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