Coach Osaka: She wants to use her position to make a difference

Coach Osaka: She wants to use her position to make a difference

According to her coach Wim Viset, Naomi Osaka wants to use her stellar status to make a difference. The Japanese tennis star, ranked No. 2 in the world, announced in the run-up to Roland Garros that she would not speak to the press during the tournament.

“Naomi has the opportunity to use her position to raise issues and raise matters,” Wesset told German magazine Der Spiegel. “In the United States, this is currently a major topic of discussion as athletes want more freedom in their relationship with the press.”

Osaka wrote a Grand Slam tournament manifesto. “I will not surrender myself to people who doubt me. I’ve seen enough videos of players collapsing in the press room after a defeat. I feel the whole situation is making someone really” frustrated “go further. She said.

Tennis players are expected to appear at the press conference after each match. If they fail to do so, they will be fined. “There shouldn’t be an immediate penalty if they don’t feel comfortable for a day,” Fessett said.

According to the coach, “Osaka knows it is important to talk to the press.” “But she’s not doing this to herself. She’s worried about issues like this and wants to make a change.”

Roland Garros said in a statement on Sunday that if the Osaka boycott continues, she may be excluded. After skipping the press conference after winning the first round, she was fined more than 12,000 euros.


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