COA abandons search for a place to sleep for hundreds of asylum seekers | Currently

COA abandons search for a place to sleep for hundreds of asylum seekers |  Currently

The Central Agency for the Reception of Asylum Seekers (COA) abandoned the search for a place to sleep on Saturday for hundreds of asylum seekers at the application center in Ter Abel. A spokesperson reported this. The organization responsible for receiving and orienting asylum seekers in the Netherlands says it will continue the search on Sunday.

The Netherlands has been suffering from a reception crisis for months. The numbers of asylum seekers who come to our country are relatively few. The problem is the flow from the application center at Ter Apel in Groningen to the centers for asylum seekers or to a regular house. As a result, the Application Center is structurally bloated.

According to a COA spokesperson, the body pulled out all stops on Saturday. However, at least two hundred asylum seekers will have to spend the night outside. “There are no places. Tomorrow we will look further.”

The Agriculture Committee says it is in talks with municipalities and security districts throughout the day. This did not lead to all asylum seekers having a place to sleep. “Everyone is doing their best, but we don’t have a place anymore.”

This is not the first time that asylum seekers in Ter Abel have had to sleep outside. For example, the Red Cross set up fifty tents in June to relieve suffering at the registration centre.

A few days later, the emergency relief organization removed the tents again. “It’s leverage to get the government to take action,” a spokesperson said at the time.

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