Cleanup is underway after a 126-barrel oil spill in southern Alberta

Cleanup is underway after a 126-barrel oil spill in southern Alberta

Energy Canada says it has been notified and will monitor the situation after the oil spill in southern Alberta on Friday.

CER said the crude oil release occurred at a pumping station on the Enbridge Express pipeline, about 270 kilometers northeast of Calgary, near Youngstown.

Initial reports show that 20,000 liters of oil (or about 126 barrels) were released on company property, and an estimated 75 liters (or half a barrel) spilled into a nearby farmer’s field. The agency said in a statement that there were no livestock at the time.

The total volume of the spill is still under investigation.

Cleaning is in progress.

Inbridge said in a statement the line was initially closed but had resumed work Friday evening after it was deemed safe to do so.

“There are no immediate safety concerns and we are cooperating fully with regulators in our response,” said Inbridge.

No bodies of water or wildlife have been reported affected, and the Calgary-based company said all off-site oil has been recovered.

The agency said it deployed an inspection officer to monitor the company’s response.

CER said: “The top priority of CER standards is to protect people and the environment. Enbridge will be held accountable to ensure that the site is cleaned and that their response meets CER’s stringent safety and environment standards.

The express pipeline, which went into operation in 1997, ships up to 280,000 barrels per day from Hardesty to Casper, Wyoming.

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