Circle in Austin may organize a double head after Singapore’s disappearance

Circuit in Austin zal mogelijk double header organiseren na wegvallen Singapore

Bobby Epstein, president of the so-called Circuit of the Americas in Austin, indicated that they are ready to organize a double header to fill any gaps in the calendar after the Singapore race was cancelled.

The US Grand Prix in Austin is currently on the calendar on October 24, after the circuit was missing last year due to the coronavirus pandemic. Formula 1 is hoping to hold 23 more races this year, but problems remain, with the Grand Prix in Canada and Singapore having since been cancelled.

Where Canada’s loss has been offset with the Turkish Grand Prix, this has now also been canceled and two races will be held in Austria. However, the gap Singapore leaves on the calendar has yet to be filled, and here Austin may be an option. “As long as I put the word ‘possible’ in front of it, we’re fine,” Epstein said. ESPN. “A second race in Austin is definitely possible, it’s true. Saying that a second race in Austin is definitely coming is not true.”

The second race can be held in Austin

“It’s easy to change it up when they decide they want and need it,” Epstein continues. “If it’s the best option for the sport, they can make that choice, and we’ll be there for it.”

According to Epstein, the fact that the track in Austin is permanent is a factor that makes staging a second race sensible. “The fact that we’re a permanent circuit, that’s easy. So the question then is when you go from a race to a longer event, you tell me what you want from me, and then I can tell you what I thank you for making the sport so popular here, the demand will definitely be there and can be met.”

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