‘Chucky’ star craves more horror movies, scores lead role in ‘Don’t Look at the Demon’

'Chucky' star craves more horror movies, landing lead role in 'Don't Look at the Demon'

Outsider Pictures has announced the supernatural horror movie Don’t look at the devil It will come out this fall. Fiona Driver, immortalized in her role as Nika Who Chuckyseries. Along with the announcement, a trailer was also released right away, which you can watch below!

The film will be released first in more than 100 cinemas across the United States and Canada. Joining the cast are Harris Dickinson (as the crowd sings), Gordon Belfi and Randy Wayne, who will play a group of paranormal investigators.

where are you going Don’t look at the devil Around?
The film, directed by Brando Lee from a screenplay by Alfie Palermo (based on a story by Lee), has the following synopsis: An American team of paranormal TV detectives, led by troubled psychic detective Jules (Doref), head to the home of a couple who claim to have experienced serious and unexplained paranormalities.

The summary continues: As they delve deeper into the mystery, they encounter possessions and phenomena more terrifying than anything they’ve ever seen – actual contact with the other side. As cameras and bodies roll, they are inevitably caught off guard by this violent supernatural force. Their only hope? Jules.

The scary movie will be released on October 7th. Check out the trailer below!

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