Chronically ill Jackie can no longer pay his energy bill: ‘I panic’

Chronically ill Jackie can no longer pay his energy bill: 'I panic'

Amsterdam residents groan at the rising energy costs, especially if you have a small wallet, and your health is letting you down.

Unfortunately, this applies to Jackie Woerlee of Rivierenbuurt, who has to make ends meet with private help because she has Crohn’s disease. For this reason, its energy consumption is above average.

It also recently received a message from Vattenfall that the bill will increase significantly as of October 1. Instead of €400, you’ll pay €582 per month. The energy supplier’s suggestion that she, too, could cancel her contract went wrong: “What an inappropriate rhetoric.”

But she is especially bewildered about how she will have to over the coming months if she does not dare to raise the thermostat in her one-glass house: “Dear Mayor, what can I do as a chronically ill woman in Amsterdam with minimal income?”

Jackie is one of the Amsterdammers who responded to the call to submit your own question about the purchasing power crisis to the mayor. tonight in Conversation with the mayor Halsema will consider a selection of the questions that were asked. The conversation can be seen tonight at 19.15 AT5It can also be viewed in the evening on the website and app.

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