Chris Hemsworth’s surprise and flop movie conquers Netflix

Chris Hemsworth's surprise and flop movie conquers Netflix

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New content is added to Netflix every day. And sometimes this new content leads to surprises when it comes to ratings.

Remarkably, the thriller Blackhat starring Chris Hemsworth debuted last week at number one in the United States. A great achievement, because the movie managed to beat all the recent Netflix Originals on the watch list, and that while the production was definitely not a hit.

black hat was a failure

the film black hat It hangs somewhere at the bottom of the list of Hemsworth’s most-recognized films. It was a failure on Rotten Tomatoes (with a critical score of just 32 percent and 24 percent below the wider audience). And the movie didn’t do well at the box office either.

Because despite Michael Mann’s guidance, Hemsworth’s car brought in just $19 million, against a budget of about $70 million.

Hemsworth plays in black hat The role of hacker Nicholas Hathaway, who is convicted of his hacking practices, but gets a chance to escape harsh punishment by helping to catch a more dangerous hacker.

Even Hemsworth doesn’t see it as a success, he said in 2019: “I didn’t enjoy what I was doing in that movie. It felt so flat, but it was also trying to do what I thought people might want to see. But I don’t think I’m good at it.”

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