China warns Biden not to ‘play with fire’ over Taiwan | Abroad

China warns Biden not to 'play with fire' over Taiwan |  Abroad

Communist China is firmly opposed to an independent, Western-oriented Taiwan. Xi said Beijing also does not want foreign forces to interfere in the matter. “Those who play with fire will eventually burn themselves. I hope the American side will fully understand that.” Xi has used such words before to bolster China’s position.

The White House said President Biden, for his part, emphasized that US policy on Taiwan had not changed. “The United States strongly opposes unilateral attempts to change the status quo” or undermine peace and stability.

A frank and in-depth conversation

Chinese state media said the two presidents found their conversation “frank and profound.” According to the White House, Biden and Xi spent more than two hours on the phone and the call was intended to keep the relationship stable despite escalating tensions. This was the fifth meeting between the two world leaders, which, according to informed sources, was prompted, among other things, by the announced visit of the Speaker of the US House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, to Taiwan.

Pelosi wants to show her support for Taiwan with her visit, as the island is under increasing pressure from China. Beijing considers Taiwan a breakaway province and has already indicated that Pelosi’s visit will lead to “resolute and resolute” measures, including the imposition of a no-fly zone around the island.

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