China wants the US to cancel trade tariffs for “good cooperation” | Currently

China wants the US to cancel trade tariffs for "good cooperation" |  Currently

China believes it could work with the United States on things like climate change and the Coronavirus crisis if US President Joe Biden scraps trade tariffs set by his predecessor Donald Trump. So said Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi.

Wang talks about “building goodwill” between the two economic superpowers.

In order to build good cooperation, Wang says the United States must stop the “irrational suppression” of Chinese technological progress through US sanctions against tech companies such as Huawei Technologies.

Huawei has been sanctioned by the United States over its alleged close ties to the Chinese military and the risk of espionage.

Beijing wants the two countries to talk about their relationship again. According to Wang, China and the United States can still “get things done for the world together”. So far, the Biden administration has indicated that it wants to continue to crack down on China over trade initiated by Trump.

US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said last week that trade tariffs against China are continuing for the time being. Any changes will depend on Beijing’s commitment to trade agreements.

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