China mocks Huawei’s US policy with a strange parody of James Bond

China mocks Huawei's US policy with a strange parody of James Bond

Two secret agents, Agent 0.06 and “James Bond” discuss their latest mission in the video. Dialogues are muddled and awkward, and James Bond repeatedly repeats the “Exsqueeze me” tagline from Wayne’s World for no reason.

The two spies talk about Chinese propaganda and espionage policies, but they seem to have confused the country with the United States. Agnet 0.06 also accuses the West of launching a propaganda campaign against Huawei.

Xinhua posted the strange video on YouTube and Twitter. Perhaps it is intended as propaganda for the West, which seeks to expose the hypocrisy of the United States.

However, what gets most commented is the poor representation and random references to American pop culture. The video, “0.07: No Time To Die Laughing,” is one for the Antiques Archive.

She was blacklisted, and then her turnover collapsed

Huawei has been blacklisted in the US since 2019 and therefore not allowed to trade with US companies. The United States fears China is spying on companies through Huawei, which the company denies. US companies that use Huawei technology are currently working on removing it.

Until the US sanctions, Huawei was the world’s largest supplier of telecom network equipment and was one of the largest manufacturers of smartphones. Subsequently, the company’s sales volume collapsed.

Since then, Huawei’s network equipment has been removed or banned in many Western countries. In the Netherlands, for example, the company no longer provides basic 5G equipment to telecom service providers.

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