“Chimney Groningen rolling tobacco plant could keep smoking longer” | Financial issues

"Chimney Groningen rolling tobacco plant could keep smoking longer" |  Financial issues

The factory should remain open for about a year and a half, so that there is more time for staff training and other job search. The idea is that a number of older employees can retire this way. In this particular period, other companies are also reorganizing, which means that finding work is not always easy.

‘Realistic plan’

Behind the scenes, consulting firm Berenschot has been speculating and puzzling over an alternative to the rapid shutdown of BAT Niemeyer’s subsidiary in recent months. CNV negotiator Hank Umkes said Wednesday morning that a “realistic plan” for the business council has been in place that will make it possible to keep the plant open for a longer period.

“We are doing everything we can to keep as many jobs as possible for as long as possible. We want the board of directors and oversight to take this matter seriously.” The association confirms that the Groningen branch is “working well”.

Pat: Not sure yet

A spokesperson for BAT itself said the shutdown delay until 2024 is not yet certain. “We still have to decide. This is not so far away no end date has been set.”

Meanwhile, the tobacco giant was unhappy with seeing CNV on Wednesday. “We have agreed with those concerned to consult confidentially,” the spokesman said. The year 2024 is not certain, either. BAT indicates that when the entire process is complete, it provides an explanation. “And of course we are also interested in properly directing the employees.”

At the end of 2020, it became apparent that BAT wanted to move Groningen’s Theodorus Niemeyer site to Hungary and Germany. Several hundred people still work at the complex located on Paterswoldseweg in Groningen.

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CNV negotiator Hank Omkes expects BAT to substantially respond to the proposal next month. Requests have also been submitted, among other things, for numbers by the BAT, which remains to be considered and awaited.

The goal is to continue for as long as possible. There was a time Niemeyer shut down, which now seems inevitable. However, it is not profitable yet in the third quarter of 2022. We hope BAT will take local interests into account when making a decision. “

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