Chilling interval: This is the destructive power of a hurricane

Chilling interval: This is the destructive power of a hurricane

Stormchaser Max Olson was already in the seaside town of Fort Myers before he actually broke up there and hung the camera on a street on the beach. The camera weathered the storm and kept spinning the entire time. Olson pared down the footage from several hours to this frightening interval:

At first things are obviously going strong, but another car is on the road and it looks like it’s not too bad. Then the water enters the street.

The door will open soon

You can see that the door of the house opens briefly in the middle of the screen. Apparently the resident looks at how bad the situation is, and goes back inside. At the end of the video – several hours later – the house no longer exists.

Stormchaser Olson reports that the residents of the house and their dogs all survived. They didn’t leave the house until he literally walked away.

Their home wasn’t the only building in Fort Myers that didn’t withstand the storm. We went to see the city when the water receded:

Ian was a Category 4, the second highest category. The hurricane killed at least 80 people, almost all of them in the US state of Florida, as Ian made landfall near Fort Myers. It is not known how many were injured and the exact amount of damage.

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