Chilean iPhone users will receive compensation of up to 1.25 UF

Chilean iPhone users will receive compensation of up to 1.25 UF

The Consumer and Users Organization (Odecu) has reported that Chilean iPhone users will be compensated by Apple as a result of “planned aging” of their phone batteries. They will be able to hit a boost of up to 1.25 UF.

The class-action lawsuit against Apple Chile, MacOnline and Reifschneider – local representatives of the brand – was settled in 2018 by agreement, after more than 150,000 people registered in the legal action.

Odecu has acquired a global amount of 84,167 development units, approximately 2,474 million pesos (US $ 3.4 million), which will be distributed to users of the 7 iPhone models..

The rules for accessing payment are:

  • The individual amount will be calculated after the end of the electronic registration process for all concerned parties, and it will result in dividing the above-mentioned total amount among all those registered with A maximum of 1.25 CHF (approximately 37,000 pesos), for each participating team
  • The specific forms included in the settlement agreement are:
  1. IPhone 6
  2. IPhone 6 Plus
  3. IPhone 6s
  4. iPhone 6s Plus
  5. IPhone 7
  6. IPhone 7 Plus
  7. IPhone 7 SE
  • Computers must work with the operating system iOS 10.2.1 or later (For iPhone 6, 6s, 6 Plus, 6s Plus, and SE) or IOS 11.2 or later (For iPhone 7 and 7 Plus) Before December 21, 2017

Registration is from March

The consumer organization added that “users of the aforementioned forms will be able to request the individual benefit electronically through the official conciliation website to be executed by the auditing firm Deloitte Chile responsible for receiving registrations. And processing payments”.

Implementation of the agreement will begin around August 15, 2021, and registration will be open for a period of 3 months It will include a sworn statement of the fact that you are a user or user of any of the forms Which is part of this agreement and which witnessed poor performance in the indicated periods, with the corresponding equipment identified by its serial number.

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“Once the predecessors of all the parties involved have received and verified their compliance with the agreement, Deloitte will have a maximum period of 60 days to proceed with the individual benefit payment through a bank deposit.The NGO added.

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