Chelsea will face Benfica in the 32nd round of the UEFA Women’s Champions League

Chelsea will face Benfica in the 32nd round of the UEFA Women's Champions League

The last English team to lift the trophy was Arsenal in 2007, and former England player Kelly Smith, who was part of that team, believes this season could be the season in which an English side savors European glory again, given the increased investment in the WSL . .

“I think an English team is close to winning it,” Smith told Telegraph Sport. “With Chelsea, and the lineup they’ve gathered, for me they are there with Lyon in terms of quality and depth. It depends on a little bit of luck in the draw, but I definitely think the English team is not far from pushing Lyon Wolfsburg, given the talent of the so-called top three in my league WSL “.

Defending champions Lyon have dominated the game since Arsenal’s victory. In August, the French team won their fifth consecutive title after beating Wolfsburg 3-1 in the postponed final in San Sebastián. Their opening game this season was the most interesting of the draw, as they are set to test the hardest at Italian champions Juventus.

All matches will be played back and forth on December 9, 10 and 15-16, with the ranked team playing the second leg at home. The final match is slated to take place on May 16 at Gamla Olivi in ​​Gothenburg, Sweden.

Next season, there will be a third center dedicated to WSL clubs, extending the qualification to the top three in May.

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