Chelsea-Seville: Champions League – Live! | football

“Sometimes we feel we have to score three or four goals in every game,” Cesar Azpilicueta said before this match, which is on the one hand a brutal accusation for the level of defense that was part of this season, and on the other hand very encouraging for neutrals. So far this season Chelsea have scored 3, 0, 6, 3, 1, 4, and 3, conceding 1, 2, 0, 3, 1, 0 and 3. According to the official Premier League statistics, 13 players have made mistakes. Which led directly to the goals so far this season and Chelsea are responsible for roughly 25% of them, so a third of the goals were accepted, with Kai Havertz and Thiago Silva on each and poor Kepa Arrizabalaga in three (the latter was expected to start this game, but the word Is that Edward Mindy would be fit). “I wouldn’t say my DNA is to be an attacking manager by nature,” says Frank Lampard, disappointingly, but he’s also the man who decided that he needs Werner, Havertz, and Zech as well as Mount, Police, Abraham and Giroux, believe what you want.

Seville is disturbingly strong. They have scored 1, 3, 1, 1, 0 in their five matches so far this season, and have received 2, 1, 0, 1, 1. Their defeat in Granada on Saturday was their first in the league since February. Interesting fact: Sevilla’s first two matches came against English teams in the European competition in the 2005-2006 UEFA Cup, a relatively short period 15 years ago, against Bolton and Middlesbrough. Enjoy your team’s success while it continues, kids (if your team is enjoying the success, obviously).

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