Cheerleading Workshop at TOP Sport and Dansstudio Ermelo make you want more!

Cheerleading Workshop at TOP Sport and Dansstudio Ermelo make you want more!

Where TOP Sport members and Dansstudio Ermelo (formerly DansFabriek SILK) initially reacted a little uncomfortable at the Cheerleading Workshop on the afternoon of Thursday, August 4th, Chanel hosted them within a few seconds. It was a challenging, exciting and fantastically fun workshop where the girls learned a full 2.30 minute dance to the music in 2 hours.

With a photo series by Gretje-Ake de Haas, the film was shot by Marlos Janssen of TOP Sport and Dansstudio Ermelo.

Cheerleading is especially popular in the United States and taken seriously as a sport. Sometimes it gets to be ridiculous if you follow the different TV shows on this topic. In this sense, Americans are the heroes of the exaggeration you see in encouragement. But during the workshop, some of the exaggerations quickly melted the participating members.

Chanel, who presented the workshop on behalf of Dagalita Cheerleaders, explained to the girls that with a certain scream (a collective cry) to clap your hands, you can really whip yourself as a group. Add to that the pellets that make such an infectious rustling sound, and success is guaranteed.

Workshop like tastes more
Practice the dances on the various stunts that make cheerleading great to watch. The great thing about Chanel is that she was able to teach girls the basic techniques of cheerleading in a very easy way. Marlous Janssen thinks what makes a workshop even tastier. “The workshop was so interesting and so inspiring that it will be presented again in the fall at TOP Sport and Dansstudio. Then members who also want to participate, but are on vacation, can follow the workshop.”

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