Cheerleading at Sportvereniging Serooskerke

Cheerleading at Sportvereniging Serooskerke

VROUWENPOLDER – The Serooskerke Sports Federation started cheerleading on Sunday 3 October 2021. Cheerleading is a competitive sport that is very popular in the United States and is still virtually unknown in Zealand.

In this mixed sport, stunts are performed, such as making human pyramids, jumping and dancing (dance). It is important that both high strength athletes and young, agile athletes participate, so cheerleading is truly a sport for boys and girls!

Learn cheerleading safely
Sports federation Serooskerke hopes that the unprecedented popularity in the United States will spread to Zeeland. That’s why the club provides a place for youngsters to learn chanting in a safe and controlled manner. Lessons are given by qualified instructors who know what to do and what not to do.

tough and social
Besides the fact that cheerleading is a difficult sport, the social aspect is fundamental: helping each other improve, respecting each other, learning to trust each other and, above all, making friends. In short: look at each other, do sports with each other, cheer and help each other to learn cheerleading better and better.

Free trial lessons
Serooskerke Sports Association invites you to take two free trial lessons and experience all things cheerleading. Information and schedules for cheerleading lessons can be found at

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