Changing from Swisscom to UPC – His son-in-law’s mobile phone hasn’t been available for 2 years – News

Changing from Swisscom to UPC - His son-in-law's mobile phone hasn't been available for 2 years - News

A UPC customer hasn’t been able to access his son-in-law’s cellphone for months. Sellers blame themselves.

In November 2019, a man from the canton of Aargau switched mobile service providers – from Swisscom to UPC. From this moment on, he could no longer call his brother-in-law’s mobile phone. He calls the numbers of his friends and acquaintances without any problems, but his son-in-law’s mobile phone has been inaccessible for more than two years – for calls and texts. On the other hand, his son-in-law could easily access it.

“This phone number is unknown”

When he called, the UPC customer initially heard a ringing tone, but his son-in-law’s cellphone did not ring. “Later came an audiotape: The requested participant is not available at the moment. And now it says: This phone number is unknown,” the person in question told SRF consumer magazine “Espresso.” Why this has been a mystery for two years now.

UPC and Swisscom blame each other

Initially, the concerned person receives the information in the UPC store that the problem is not with the UPC, and he has to take it to his previous provider, Swisscom. So he went to the Swisscom store and told there that he should go to the UPC. This swings back and forth for months.

There is no point in changing your phone

In the fall of 2021, the husband’s son-in-law will switch from Swisscom to the third-party Swisscom brand “M-Budget Mobile”. He buys a new device and gets a new SIM card. But the problem remains.

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The Aargau UPC customer does not give up and continues to report his problem. UPC – which is now called Sunrise UPC – always responds to his inquiries in a friendly manner, but nothing happens so far. Therefore, the person in question reports to the consumer magazine “Espresso” of SRF Radio.

unsolved puzzle

Sunrise UPC “Espresso” writes: “There seems to be a so-called routing problem here. Something like this can happen in individual cases with regard to porting numbers with all providers.” The problem can only be corrected with the previous provider, Sunrise UPC writes Swisscom has confirmed routing issues and opened a ticket. We are confident the issue will be resolved soon.

There seems to be a so-called routing problem here. Something like this can happen in individual cases regarding porting numbers with all service providers.

When asked, Swisscom said the problem was with the brother-in-law. Since this is the third-party Swisscom brand “M-Budget Mobile”, nothing can be done.

Changing the brother-in-law to the service provider should lead to the solution

Now the husband’s son-in-law is returning to Swisscom at the end of March. The UPC customer and his sister-in-law have to wait another month and a half in the hope that this will eventually release the button on the line.

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